How Do I Clean Brake dust Off My Wheels?

A lot of people like to buy alloy wheels not only because they increase the traction capabilities of the car but also for their ability to enhance aesthetics. As you might know, alloy wheels require a lot of maintenance. A major reason for frequently maintaining alloy wheels is the annoying brake dust that it incurs while driving on the road.


Although steel wheels also incur brake dust, it is more visible in the alloy wheels. As a car owner, you must understand that the brake dust is impossible to prevent. Secondly, it reduces the beautiful look of your alloy wheels because of their dark colour.

Understanding Brake Dust

It’s quite important to understand that brake dust on your wheels is made up of small iron particles. Irrespective of whether your brake pads are made up of ceramic, iron or organic material, brake dust comes your way because of your iron brake disk.

You’d be surprised to know that your brake disk throws a lot of dust and debris in the brake pad resulting in a cluster of dust made up of ninety per cent iron. Another compound found on your brake dust is mainly carbon.

Annoying Reasons For Brake Dust on Wheels

The biggest culprit in the creation of brake dust is friction. Yes, you read it correctly! As you know callipers squeeze the brake pads against the surface of the brake disk. To slow down your car, this squeezing leads to a lot of friction. You must think of friction as a friend, as it helps your braking mechanism.

But in reality, friction also erodes the surface of brake discs, which causes the material involved in braking to break down into tiny pieces and scatter on your beautiful wheels.

Should You Be Worried About Brake Dust?

First of all, you must understand brake dust is like a cheap boyfriend. No matter how many times you ignore and get rid of him, he will eventually come back. Allow us to inform you that brake dust is quite sticky for your wheels due to the buildup of heat and static charge created because of hard braking.

Although brake dust is an excellent sign of proper functioning of your brakes, it contains a very harmful chemical called asbestos. According to scientific research, asbestos causes breathing problems and in turn degrades our environment as well. Therefore we advise you to wear your PPE or personal protective equipment and remove this dust from your wheels.

How to Clean Brake Dust from Your wheels?

Now that you know the reason for your pale looking wheels. Let us work towards cleaning this dust from your car’s wheels.

  • Hook up a pressure washer and spray your wheels with cold water.
  • Next, take a car wheel cleaner and spray it all over the wheels to remove any tough stains.
  • Now you must have a cone-shaped cleaner brush with coarse bristles and clean the wheel arches and remove any dust from there.
  • Once your wheels are dried up, use a towel to wipe your wheels with car wax and give them a shiny look.

If you want more information on cleaning your car’s wheels, visit us at Tyre city. We also provide top quality wheel refurbishment Birmingham in attractive prices.

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